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Coach Stephanie with dad Stephen

Hi, my name is Stephanie Poetzsch-Salzman, owner of Strike Out, Inc. I have been playing softball since age 6. I began in the Little League of the Islips, and played there from age 6 to age 12. In 1991, my Little League of the Islips team coached by my father Stephen Poetzsch won the New York State Championship and then move on to the Eastern Regional tournament. It was during that tournament in 1991 that I first played against teams that had windmill pitching. After losing the championship game, I decided that I wanted to learn how to windmill pitch so my team could achieve our dream of getting to the Little League World Series in 1992. 

I was lucky enough to meet Kim Gwydir founder of the Long Island Chargers (and wonderful pitching coach) that fall and worked hard to learn how to windmill pitch. That next summer my Little League of the Islips team won the New York State title, the Eastern Regional title, and went on to the Little League World Series and took 3rd place (we are still the only team from L.I. to compete in the Little League World Series)! After that I went on to play for the Long Island Chargers from age 12-18, where my teams won over 300 games. I then went on to play for the University of Rhode Island from 1998 - 1999. I then decided to transferred to Stony Brook University where I broke almost every pitching record including career strike outs, wins, innings pitched, and threw the first no-hitter in Stony Brook history. After a great career, joined the staff as the pitching coach at Stony Brook University and stayed on for 4 years.

Even though Strike Out, Inc. was only established in 2006, I have been giving pitching lessons and running clinics for over 12 years to girls of all ages and abilities all over Long Island.

Coach Stephanie with dad, Stephen

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Softball has provided me with so many great opportunities in my life. I have gotten to make lifelong friends,travel all over the country, and I have received a top notch college education. Softball has also allowed for me to share all of my successes as well as failures on the field with my family, especially my biggest fan, my father who has been the most supportive and generous person in my life (thanks dad, love you!)

This is why I have made softball and teaching pitching my life, to share my skills and experiences with as many young athletes as possible. My hope is that they will have the same successes and wonderful experiences that softball has given me!!

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