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Updated: March 20, 2020
Due to coronavirus we will be taking all of our lessons online until further notice.

Join our Strike Out Inc Train at Home membership!

  • Cost $20 a week (payment through venmo) 

Here is what you get:​

  • Live one on one 30 minute lesson with Coach Steph using your phone or tablet using Facetime or Zoom.
  • Live feedback and can talk to Coach Steph live.
  • Unlimited video evaluations using the Coaches Eye app. You take video of your drill or pitch and coach Steph will send you back illustrated instruction and if needed, call you to discuss your workout needs.
  • Access to the Video library of and their drill and instructional videos for hitting and pitching 
  • LIVE Weekly Classes 
  • Strike Out Inc will be partnering with other sister companies to provide live classes for your softball player including strength training, pitching form, recruiting, mental toughness training and much more!​ Coaches from some of the top facilities will share their knowledge!
  • Your softball player will be able to join these classes live and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity (and keep them busy at home!!) 

Strike Out Inc. is committed to our Train at Home Initiative so our students can continue to make progress during these tough time.

To schedule or for questions contact Stephanie (516) 449-0873